Chicago post-punk act Bellhead mark the release of their video debut “Unicorn Bones” with a black & white twisted tale of love, death, and a bit of the old William (Burroughs) Tell and Joan Vollmer packing a beat poet inspired punch to both the winding and buoyant rhythm and cadence that drive the guitars and gravelly vocals.

 The clip for “Unicorn Bones” was Directed and edited by John Weaver, and so the story goes:

“Once was a Widow Maker, Fell in Love with an Undertaker, Though the Love was Unrequited, One day to be United”. 

“Sometimes Death is not an acceptable answer no matter how impossible it may seem. When one rules out the possible, the impossible is all the remains. Would you seek the Bones of a Unicorn to Never be Alone? A Necromancer? An Alchemist? And a Topless Dancer?”

Watch the video for “Unicorn Bones”, with an admitted nod to both Killing Joke and Magazine, below:

Unicorn Bones is the single off the eponymous EP, which was released this past July through all streaming and downloadable platforms. Unicorn Bones is sonic journey through five songs exploring themes of love, lust, the arcane, and death.

The EP was recorded by Neil Strauch (production/ technical assistance of Iron and Wine, Counting Crows, Owls, Joan of Arc, Walking Bicycles and Slow Mass among many others) and mastered by Carl Saff (production/ technical assistance on Acid Mothers Temple, Smoking Popes, Red Fang, Guided by Voices, etc).

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