French Coldwave act Transmission—the synth-laden solo project of musician Sandrine Deville, has unveiled the video for “De Stijl”, a track featured on her forthcoming debut album Cosmos that will be released by the end of 2020 on via Wave Records.

As a freelance concept art designer known as Bluefactoriz, Deville has tinkered with and developed her own all-white violin, built utilizing 3D printing technology, and lovingly named Transmission. The violin’s unique shape is inspired by the plotting of pulsar CP1919 famously featured on the cover Joy Division’s 1979 debut album Unknown Pleasures.

This very special violin makes a noteworthy appearance in the book Joy Division, paroles de fans from Pedro Peñas Robles published by “Camion Blanc”.

Together with the innovative sounds from her violin, plus analog synths that pulse and hum along with old-school drum machines, Deville conjures a dark and intimate atmosphere that is steeped in 1980s nostalgia while creating art that is both forward-thinking and avant-garde in sound and lyrics.

Watch the video for “De Stijl” below:

TRANSMISSION’s nine-song debut álbum COSMOS is scheduled for release in October of 2020 in CD and Digital by Wave Records.

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