You know we love an ominous piano bass line around here, which is why the thrilling debut from Australia’s Low Monroe, “Second Try Theme”, is a spooky banger. Much like unleashing a pilot episode of a new show, the debut of Low Monroe (aka Mark Sergi) is no different. Taking inspiration from various film noir character tropes and the energy of action-packed 70s Quinn Martin productions, this track encapsulates a dark, unsettling aura full of swagger, intrigue, suspense, and a healthy dose of Schadenfreude for ‘the bad guy.’

Lyrically inspired by such films as Rear Window (1954) and Sweet Smell of Success (1957), and the excitement of cinematic composers like Lalo Schifrin, Stu Phillips, Mike Post and Billy Goldenberg, we feel the character on the lam with a bullseye on his back. The song conveys the cold but panicked alter ego through a deep, sporadic vocal performance.  If someone reboots Kojak, use this in the soundtrack, baby!

Sergi, previously the composer/keyboardist for Table N’ Chairs, began his solo career in 2021, looking for more creative discoveries. An alter ego was birthed, and Low Monroe officially had a pulse. Behold:

For the cover, creative director, photographer, and videographer Cal Foster was called in to bring the story to life. The two planned their attack to create big-scale scenes through claustrophobic and intense snippets. Embodying the character, and the fast-paced crime revolving door they were in, Low Monroe (aka Mark) became the character himself. Here’s the exciting recount:

“Shooting in the heart of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on one of the busiest streets in the city, Sergi scaled the side of a building to get the right shot. Passing pedestrians along Elizabeth Street stopped and watched the art unfold right there and then. With a bottle being thrown at Low’s nest and a few friendly waves from the vantage point, the story was slowly aligning…The story still had some loose threads, and the next scene would focus on the getaway attempt. Bouncing from nearby alleys, Low was jumped by two thugs and shoved into the back seat of a crisp, champagne, 1980s Mercedes 260 E. The two “thugs” were played by ex-band mates and good friends Daniel Motta and Joel Markovic, of The Sistine Guns.”

From there, the story of anti-hero Low Monroe lands on a cliffhanger. To be continued….but during the commercial break, listen below:

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