Montreal’s Sexsomnia tunnels through complex sleep disorder to bring you a new single and video: “Morphine”. With pounding electro beats, corrosive bass, analogue synths, dreamlike soundscapes, and sinister vocals-  this sensual, darkly atmospheric dance floor banger cuts through the chase and puts the listener into a hypnotic trance. A stupour, if you will. We hear The Cure, Giorgio Moroder, Propaganda, Trentemøller, Joy Division, Ladytron, V.A.C, and David Lynch as strong influences here.

The erotically-charged, strobe-tastic DIY video is bursting with energy, making visual allusions to Peter Murphy’s appearance in The Hunger and the appearance of a green-lit temptress luring you into the darkness of the subconscious. Zoe Page, a fetish actress, and model, lends her unique seductive voice for these songs (in addition to her superb make-up and stylist skills). 

Watch the video below:

Initially started as a musical project in October 2021 by Philip Faith (WESTERNDREAM, Rise of the Fallen, Hotel Noir), bassist Pat Gaudette (Unruled, Hexapheen, NowFuture) joined in the project soon afterward. Michael Rien (Earth Chronicles, Special Ops) is a driving energy on electronic percussions and synths. 

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