Experimental post-punk project, Abrasive Trees have announced the release of a three-track EP/single and video for “Bound For An Infinite Sea” on Wise Queen Records/Shapta on Friday the 4th of September.

The title track is a sonic narrative, with intricate layers of wandering bass and spectral guitar melodies that give way gliding flourishes, bringing forth an atmospheric song whose echoing vocals haunt every aural moment. This mesmerizing single sits perfectly alongside two more ambient, immersive compositions—”Brother Saint” and “Replenishing Water”—songs that feature vintage drum-machines, acoustic drums recorded in a Victorian rectory, and an array of acclaimed musicians.

Watch the video for “Bound For An Infinite Sea” below:

Abrasive Trees is the solo project of Scottish-born guitarist and singer Matthew Rochford (Council Of Giants/Rothko/Talitha Rise). About the release he said:

“These songs are dark, but there’s also a positive energy behind them. In essence, they are about the importance of staying compassionate – whatever the circumstances. The title track is actually about witnessing suffering and finding a way to be empowered to do something meaningful in the face of sorrow. There is so much intensity in this world and it can get a bit overwhelming can’t it? I wrote and recorded these three songs amidst loss. There’s heartbreak, but also something hopeful and spiritual that I hope will connect with how others might be feeling right now.

“Creating music is simultaneously a release for me and an offering to those who feel that ‘just coping’ is a good day. I think being a musician you learn the value of being in the moment and expressing what needs to be expressed. During this strange time, it’s especially important to me to stay present in a positive way and this single is part of that.”

The production on the “Bound For An Infinite Sea” features a line-up of collaborators including Jo Beth Young (RISE/Talitha Rise), Steven Hill (Evi Vine), Mark Parsons (Eat Lights Become Lights) and Matthew’s brother, Sebastian (Polar Bear/Pulled By Magnets). The single was mixed and mastered by Mark Beazley (Rothko/The Band Of Holy Joy).

All three tracks are available on limited-edition cassette or CD or download from the Abrasive Trees Bandcamp page on Friday the 4th of September, as well as streaming via all the usual platforms. A video to accompany the release (by visual artist Jess Wooler) will premiere on the day prior to release.

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