Dark electronic trio MATTE BLVCK lay themselves “Bare” in the video from their forthcoming new album I’M WAVING, NOT DROWNING.

After years of performing in groups such as Julien K, The New Division, Moving Units, while also collaborating with heavy hitters such as DJ Ten and Timecop1983 , the band has emerged from a dark unexplored corner of the San Diego underground to deliver their debut LP—a tenebrous record that takes inspiration from various elements of the bands they have worked with while moving beyond them.

With I’M WAVING, NOT DROWNING, Matte Blvck delivers a soundtrack of sinister pleasures for an uncertain world as if it was everyone’s last night on Earth, and such is definitely the case with “Bare”, a fitting preview of the album to come.

“Bare is a journey of self-discovery gone horribly wrong. It’s about opening yourself up and looking within only to find that amongst the beauty of one’s soul could lie a horrible monster within.

Thus, in order to find the path to enlightenment, you must confront and learn to understand that evil inside you. You either embrace that monster and become something motivated completely by evil, or you tackle it head-on knowing that by acknowledging and fighting that demon every day, you can become a better person. BARE cuts deep into me because I know I walk that fine line each and every day.”

Watch the video below:

I’M WAVING, NOT DROWNING is set for release this autumn.

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