Who hasn’t ever felt alone in a crowd? Or yet, had that gray cloud over their heads, transforming trivial duties into the most difficult challenges? And how ironic would it be to write a song about this right before a global lockdown? 

Brazilian post-punk duo The Lautreamonts return after pandemic hiatus with a powerful new single, “Gray Battle”. Channeling Massive Attack and Cocteau Twins, the band explores melancholic electronica, along with beautiful layered vocal lines, crescendos and traces of Eastern music.

The video features a performance by experimental artist Dally Schwartz and was shot by Marcos Aganju. It expresses in a very graphical way the discomforting feeling of the song: the monochromatic colour space, the feeling of isolation and powerlessness, the dreamlike movements expressing a need to break boundaries. The passionate vocals cut deep into our emotions, a primal scream for justice and peace.

Watch the video for “Gray Battle” below”

The single is being released by Brazilian label Paranoia Musique on all digital platforms. You can stream it below on their Bandcamp.

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