The Greek word, ἰσχυρός/iskuros, translates to brave and strong. The term shines a spotlight on Brazilian gothic post-punk outfit Plastique Noir, which has spent the last fifteen years lurking in the underground Brazilian indie scene. Defying neo-totalitarianism, the cognitive paralysis of public opinion, and the imminent collapse of civilization, Plastique Noir thrives in the shadows and they have chosen Iskuros as the title of their fourth album, via Wave Records. The band summons the second-wave gothic rock sound of Brotherhood of Pagans and Children on Stun, as well as the frantic pace of Editors and Franz Ferdinand with their latest single and video, the intense “Manifesto”.

The band was formed by Deivyson Teixeira, Danyel Fernandes and Airton S. Their performance is captured in this blood-red hued video, directed by Plastique Noir & Jean Rié (Fake Movie).

Watch the video for “Manifesto” below:

“Iskuros” features ten tracks that display a mature and more comfortable band than in its last record, when it was looking for a new identity among the tough process of establishing a new formation. Now, with updated sound textures, painstaking production by Jean Rié, and a succinct and yet piercing tracklist, plus tour experience, Plastique Noir is finally able to explore new roads, with an aim to disseminate and extend the frontiers of genuine Brazilian Gothic music.

Iskuros is out now via Wave Records.

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