The New York City-based duo, Coatie Pop, approach post-punk in a new way via their new single, “City Song.” Coatie Pop are a new group formed by Courtney Watkins and her partner since the 9th grade, Robert, and—while their take on dark, current music feels exciting—you can’t quite place your finger on it. Self-described as “an ethereal post-punk grunge rave duo,” Coatie Pop also retain the innocence of SSQ, or the nihilistic melodrama of Pink and Black. With a morose synthesizer to underline the post-punk bassline, singer Courtney Watkins’ vocals glimmer alongside the moody guitars of “City Song.”

Coatie Pop says they “wanted to merge together elements of the goth and post-punk style of our roots and the energy of today’s NYC techno and house scene in this video.” By featuring the shuffling crew, Nameless Shufflers, in the video, the band crosses between genres and scenes—and it works seamlessly. Between the opulently dressed, Marie Antoinette-worthy femmes who stand like beautiful dolls in the stark spotlight versus the darkness of the graffitied alleyway, the contrast of light and dark is enhanced. It is an accurate depiction of the many shades and turns of the bustling, vivacious city.

Watch “City Song” below:

Coatie Pop’s debut album, Deathbed, will be out on February 11th. In the meantime, follow them on IG.

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