Bowl Cuts and Part Human dive into a new wave daydream in their duet “Degeneration M”, the first collaborative single between L.A’s Chad Fjerstad and Margot Rhodes.

BOWL CUTS is Fjerstad’s newly ignited left-field pop project, while PART HUMAN is Rhodes’s formerly San Francisco-based dream-pop outfit. Before the pandemic hit, Rhodes could most commonly be found performing live synths with GEL SET, while Fjerstad was preparing to bring MORE EPHEMEROL to live stages, until suddenly shows came to a grinding halt.

The song has the nostalgic feel of vintage post-punk and synthpop releases spanning the years of 1980 to 1993, whose sound and vision resembles the unearthing of a VHS video compilation where Phil Oakey’s Human League Mark II has woven itself together with the Banshees and Cure side project The Glove.

Regarding the song and video, Fjerstad explains:

“This song was born from a day early in the pandemic, so the lyrics very much reflect that mindstate that many of us are seemingly going through. The “M” in the title refers to misanthropia, as if often feels lately like perhaps the human race has come a little too far. Perhaps we’ve come to know a bit too much for our own good. In turn, there is a presented appeal in the idea of returning to a more primal state of being. It’s a fantasy of a perfect regression.”

Watch the video for “Degeneration M” below:

On future material from Bowl Cuts, including more collaborations with Part Human, Fjerstad adds:

“This all came together so organically that we’re toying with the idea of doing a full collaborative EP next year. What is technically the first official Bowl Cuts single will also be released before or around the end of this year, which is a new wave ballad mixed by Jorge Elbrecht.”

Meanwhile, “Degeneration M” is out now.

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