It’s that perfect time of year where I generally listen to shoegaze and dream pop non-stop. A season generally filled with echo and nostalgia, and it suits me like an old, well-loved sweater. With that in mind, we’re happy to premiere an unreleased track by New Hampshire-based one-man project Old Moon, entitled “Stranger.” Listen below.

“Stranger” is three and a half-minutes of blistering energy. The track begins with an ominous strain of guitar before kicking into action with tom-heavy drumming, deep driving bass lines, catchy guitar leads, and soaring, yet textured vocals. In addition to it’s creamy dream pop center, the track calls the angular, but tuneful post-punk power of bands like The Sound or For Against, hitting that sweet spot of interweaving effects and passionate songwriting that elevates the track even further on repeat listening.

The track is plucked from an upcoming compilation, titled Dreamer, Sleeper, which collects two EPs from the project’s inception, Past Lives and Messenger. “Stranger” closes the compilation, an exclusive song to sweeten the pot, so-to-speak. Project lead and multi-instrumentalist Tom Weir offers these words on the track:

‘Stranger’ is one of the first songs I wrote after I finished recording my last album Altars. I was feeling a little aimless, a little out of sorts and not quite sure what I was doing musically. I won’t go super in depth with the meaning but it’s basically a song about not feeling yourself, or not feeling like you really matter in the great scheme of things. It’s come to be one of my favorite songs and I’m really happy to include it here in demo mix form along with the other odds and ends from “Dreamer, Sleeper.”

Dreamer, Sleeper is due out tomorrow, 12/3, in digital and limited cassette format via Sister Cylinder. Check out the the track listing and album artwork, and purchasing links below:

Old Moon- Dreamer, Sleeper
1. Past Lives
2. Tyranny
3. Cycles of Guilt
4. Exile Theme
5. Still Shrouded
6. Safety Net
7. Chains of Sleep
8. Stranger

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