The collaboration between Trace Amount, and Qual continues, this time with the 3D animated video for “Insides on the Outside”. Recently, Qual (William Maybelline) and Trace Amount released the Alien Dust EP, a caustic industrial soundscape, culminating with the ferocious track “Death Match”. Now, the NYC artist Trace Amount has lent his skills as an animator for the track featured on Qual’s “cyber sludge” coated Tenebris In Lux LP.

The song’s unnerving percussion-driven beat is augmented by the display of a weird polygon mesh skin bearing Mabelline’s features from the neck up, while the rest of the character model is wrapped in fibrous muscle tissue. This real-time or game engine rendering of our musical protagonist dances around a surreal synth-wave backdrop, ultimately representing a descent into the deepest and darkest recesses of Qual’s tormented psyche.

Watch the video for Qual’s “Insides on the Outside”, below:

Tenebris in Lux was written during the first Covid lockdown, clearly capturing the atmosphere of how I was feeling, the oddest time in all of my life,” says Qual. “The goal in mind was to also move away from my previous albums; I tried ignoring old habits, being less song-y and exploring more textual journeys of cataclysmic doom….something I like to call, Cyber Sludge.”

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