Beware of the fly in German Darkwave act Vlimmer’s larvae-laden video for “Zwischenkörper”, an unsettling cacophony of beautifully nightmarish melodies overlaid with unhinged vocals reflecting the possible madness within the headspace of the song’s ill-fated protagonist.

As Vlimmer’s Alexander Leonard Donat explains:

“The song “Zwischenkörper” (Engl. “in-between body”) is part of an 18-EP/18-chapter narrative about a young man trying to find out why he is who he is. In this particular song he’s suffering from some kind of brain damage after – what he’s convinced of – a time travel gone wrong. Lying on a cot, he sees through his own eyes and he sees himself through the eyes of people who surround him, it’s like a multi-angular insect view. It’s not clear whether the protagonist is in a hospital, in court or in prison.”

The video directed by Donat himself, see’s the skillful use of a macro lens to showcase the jarring juxtaposition of a parasite infested by parasites.

On the imagery, Donat elaborates further:

“No animals were harmed in the making of this video. You can see three different flies, the fly “starring” was already dead, its movements were solely caused by larvae (or other worms) moving behind its eyes and in its head. This phenomenon does not seem too common as there couldn’t be found any online info about fly eggs in a fly’s head (flies may put eggs in eyes of warm-blooded creatures but not insects). The video is meant to show the analogy of something in your head doing things you can’t control, and also focuses on the motif of the insect eye as something that sees more than the human eye.”

Watch the video below:

“Zwischenkörper” is featured on Vlimmer’s double EP XIIIIII​/​XIIIIIII (16 & 17), out now on Blackjack Illuminist Records.

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