Dark Surf infused Post-Punk act Sleeping Pills are sharing with us today their video for “Far Away”, a track featured on their third studio album Mirror in the Window.

The record thematically relates tales concerning life, love, and tragedy, mixing a melange of post-punk sounds with new wave beats, overlaid with guitar solos, and frost-laden keys.

Recorded and produced by Patrick Brady (Wmerchandise), the Tampa quartet entered the studio to create the album after their return from there “Stranger Nights” US tour in late 2018.

“Far Away” is a song about a criminal saying his final farewell to his love over the phone before facing grim consequences. Singer Phil Taylor sings a tale of confession, apology, and loyalty from someone who would be often looked down upon by society. A point of perspective down a narrow gun barrel encapsulated into a modernized synth-pop piece. Recorded in 2019, the video was shot by Joey Mustang during the phase 1 Quarantine.

Watch the video below:

Sleeping Pills’ Far Away is featured on their third album Mirror in the Window, which is available now in both vinyl and digital formats.

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