Next time you’re swiping through a dating app, beware. That sexy clown who floats your boat might just be…a killer katfish.

Mexico City’s Blood Dance have unleashed an epic new video – a short horror film, to be exact –  for their spooky single “Wicked King,” tempting fans off the deep end into a bloodbath of greasepaint and machetes.

The sprawling, nearly 10-minute video is a three-part story in the vein of Creepshow, regarding a killer clown family of murderers, who, after being chased throughout the US, decide to take their circus of carnage across the border. They gleefully slice and dice their randy prey in the remote outskirts of Mexico. Quite literally, there is much to dissect in this offering (and if you’re squeamish about blood…well, consider this, true to the band’s name, a warning).

The stories pay homage to various horror films with Easter eggs aplenty for diehard fright fest fans. The resolution of the film was even made to mimic low-budget Giallo and slasher films of the 70s and 80s. Throughout the film, you see carnage, eerie cabins in the woods, and a catfish story that quickly evolves into gore. We also see campy cameos of other local scene artists to Mexico City, including the bassist from Red Ulalume, and the singer of Lucifer Christ.

“Our band is heavily influenced by horror films and movies, and this song seemed like a perfect opportunity to go beyond the song and explore film and story-telling,” says mastermind of the band Alberto Martinez. “Because the story was so long, we had to rework the song to fit it. That in itself was interesting since it allowed us to delve into musical composition for film. Truth be told, we would be stoked to turn this into an actual film.”

Watch “Wicked King” below:

Keeping true to their DIY philosophy, it was written, produced, financed and cut by Blood Dance. It was shot in a 3-day filming marathon led by The Bloop Films & Film SFX. Makeup and prosthetics were created by Vane Luna.

The music of Blood Dance, according to the band, is inspired by the occult, serial killers, S&M, vampires, and ‘other gothy stuff.’  After forming in 2016 the band has since morphed into a five-piece rock outfit.   Since 2019, Blood Dance has released a series of Singles with the support of Bari Bari (Mephisto Walz, Christian Death) as producer.  The band has shared the stage with various international acts that include Gitane Demoine, Japan Suicide, Plastique Noir, Hapax, 13th Sky, Spiritual Bat, and many others.

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