So tempestuous

Queen of pestilence

Not quite like the other girls

I belong to my own world

BARA HARI is the solo project of multidisciplinary artist Sam Franco. “Tempest,” the first video and single from her forthcoming full-length album, Lesser Gods, confronts the internal and external struggles of feeling at odds with individuals once considered to be friends. Blurring the lines between myth and trauma, fantasy and reality, Franco builds a shadowy space from which to explore pain, beauty, and drama with this intense performance. Visually inspired by fantasy and vaudeville, the single is a cinematic portrait of identity, reconciliation, and a determination to push forward when people fade from our lives.

Franco writes, records, and produces herself out of her studio in Los Angeles, weaving raw vulnerability into tight, driving productions in a style akin to Florence + the Machine, iamamiwhoami, Marina, and Garbage. With a classically theatrical bend, Franco creates her elabourate costumes and set pieces for her music; a visionary building detailed fantasy worlds like David Lynch. Channeling Annie Lennox, in this video she plunges into the mind of various warrior queen guises throughout the ages: wielding swords, drawing symbols in the sand, and brandishing a sacred heart and halo.
Tempest is a stirring anthem about reclaiming your power and the energy extended to the unworthy. When you’re feeling glum, play it loudly.
Watch the stunning visual collaboration with Ian Flux below:

Bara Hari’s eclectic inspirations span the gamut of dark pop, synth-pop, industrial pop, electro-pop, darkwave, and goth. Bara Hari is an amalgamation of 1910s vamps Theda Bara and Mata Hari, stars of stage and screen…and in Hari’s case, WW1 espionage.

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