Scatter the bones

Shatter the phones

Leave them at home

Addiction to mobile devices is the impetus behind the new single by Seattle “doom gaze” outfit STAHV, off the upcoming mini-album Simple Mercies.  Channeling the gritty melodrama of Fields of the Nephilim, the reverb-soaked churn of M83, and epic scopes of Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cult, The Mission, The Damned, and Roxy Music, the lush soundscape of the single sums up one thought about the illusion of electronic connection: we may be alone, but we can find our way back to each other.

“‘P vs. P’ is a commentary on the last few years and the state of the world regarding connection,” says Rosenschein. “It’s been a lonely, isolated time, made more difficult by our reliance on mobile devices. The song is an encouragement to return to our more primal selves.”

The song has an undeniably killer hook with a succinct, shouted refrain, sure to get stuck in your brain. It veers from crooning advice…to anthemic rallying cry; a garage rock flourish enhances the track’s gothic oeuvre. After all, it’s hard to be spooky in the dark with 50 iPhones lit up in your face – or people filling social media feeds with lousy footage instead of being present in the moment with performers.

“The emotional core…is unlike anything else I’ve ever done,” Rosenschein explains, adding that the entire album deals with mortality, isolation, and other existential issues. “It’s music that needs the human voice to connect.”

Listen to “P vs. P” below:

In 2017, Seattle-based artist STAHV (Solomon Arye Rosenschein) emerged as a shape-shifting one-person instrumental act. Simple Mercies moves into uncharted territories: vocal-driven goth rock bangers drawing on Rosenschein’s love of ’80s aesthetics, synth-pop, and new wave.

STAHV has shared stages with TUNIC, Vision Video, ACTORS, TRAITRS, and Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel. Employing vocals for the first time live gave the set a jolt of inspiration, convincing Rosenschein it was time to release originals in this vein. “Seeing audiences react to STAHV with singing told me it was time to switch course,” Rosenschein says. “I was ready to stop pulling punches and draw on all aspects of what I’ve done throughout my life in music—from pop to metal and more esoteric fare.”

Throughout his career, Rosenschein has written, recorded, and released music in styles ranging from power pop to Americana. As a solo artist, he made the Grammy shortlist twice and toured the US, UK, and Canada, supporting names like Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters) and Silversun Pickups. His songs appeared in shows and films like Veronica Mars, Shameless, and As Cool as I Am.

Simple Mercies releases February 10th. You can pre-order here.

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