Berlin post-punk quartet Wires & Lights have revealed their dark and stylish video for their debut single “Drive”, the opening track from the band’s long-awaited debut album, A Chasm Here And Now.

“Drive” showcases the strong musicianship, and songwriting craft of Justin Stephens’ (ex-Passion Play), a post-punk and gothic rock veteran, along with his comrades-in-arms – Ralf Hünefeld on guitar and keyboards, Gabriel Brero on bass and Sebastian Hilgetag on drums. This ensemble of passionate musicians come together to conjure an uncompromising torrent of hymn-like vocals and guitar-driven melodies that unrelentingly pull you to your feet and get swept away on the dance floor.

Of the song and video, Justin explains:

“One of the effects of depression is to sap your energy and mental strength until you have no drive left with which to fight back and change the situation. ‚Drive’ is about that fight — the inner dialogue to find a different perspective, plot each step, force a way out of the dark and make things happen again. You can also just take it as a theme for escaping a rut, getting your mojo back and rediscovering the things that give you goosebumps.

It has so much energy and drive of its own, it had to be the first single. Call it a statement of intent. No timid knock at the door, just kick it down and hit the ground running.

The video was directed by Hannes Greve — we were impressed by his previous work and when we met for the first time, his ideas and approach matched ours, so it was an easy choice. We filmed it at Slaughterhouse in the Kulturfabrik Moabit in Berlin. Robin Hirsinger kindly gave up his day off to help us make it happen, for which we’re very grateful.”

Watch the video for “Drive” below:

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