Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys have unveiled their video for “Half of a Woman”, the second single from the upcoming LP Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls, a collection of songs wrapped into a soft, warm, and slow burning dreamscape of an album made to be a quiet companion for difficult evenings.

The song “Half of a Woman” is a kind of incantation, an incitement, a ceremony, a memory, for which Lucy elaborates:

“It feels to me as though we should discover how to dance, allowing one feeling to inform the next, a sort of physical domino effect.

When I was young I would dance that way. Twirl violently until I fell down. Stroke the air slowly until my breath went very quiet. Then I went to classes and learnt how to do it properly. For years I learnt how to do it properly.

Now I no longer remember the steps. In the small moments that I do, they make no sense to me.

Inside of this song is a small war, a summoning, a serenade. A desperate need to remember and forget and remember.”

The video for “Half of a Woman” was shot in an unedited single take of Lucy in her basement in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a collaboration between herself, Lucy Hazard and Joff and tries to climb into the spaces between becoming and undoing.

On watching the video, Lucy adds:

“On one side of your speaker you will here me singing and on the other side you’ll hear Mandi Lizamore. The idea/feeling is a disappearing of identity while at the same time building some kind of strength.”

Watch, and listen below:

Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls will be available through Unique Records later on this year. You can purchase the single here.

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