Get ready for a new anthem for these times of constant disquietude: Anxious Reaction is a bona fide ants-in-your-pants staccato dance explosion from Berlin’s Yetzt.

The Anglo-German band, comprised of Kie Dawson, Tjorben Reimer, Felix Riedel, and Tobias Kraller, plays jittery, energetic post-punk that seems to be forever teetering on the edge of chaos. Anxious Reaction is Yetzt’s first offering from their forthcoming debut EP. With a sound comparable to Gang of Four, The Hives, Maxïmo Park, and Uranium Club, the band is chomping at the bit for an outlet.

Photo: Monique Woolen-Lewis

“It’s not really a message to others or a call to arms, but more of a reminder…of the feelings and emotional responses, however insecure or minor they may be…to the everyday stressors of life,” says the band.

A refreshing new sound from a group of promising Berlin up-and-comers.

The accompanying live performance video, directed by Niklas Soestmeyer, is equally frenetic and fresh. Watch it here:

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