Berlin-based new-wave Glam Rock ensemble Two Times Twice have unleashed the video for their catchy and theatrical cautionary tale against the perils of becoming automatons not unlike the Whovian cybermen under the control of demagogues with “The Army of Robots”.

On the song’s meaning, the band elaborate:

“‘The Army of the Robots’ is a song about mass indoctrination, by using technology to spread dangerous political messages. It is our comment on what see we happening all over the world today: populist politicians exploiting technology to override human autonomy in order to turn people into obedient, non-thinking nationalists who are sleepwalking into a conflict.”

Watch the video below:

Two Times Twice is band is fronted by Edyta Rogowska, a singer, pianist and actress who left her home country of Poland for Berlin six years ago, becoming the driving force both staring and directing in mesmerising stage performances and fervent vocalizations that evoke rock opera not unlike The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Phantom of the Paradise.

The supporting cast members of the band are made up of guitarist and bassist Alex Moore, who injects a healthy dose of rock and a tinge of melancholy into the band’s sound. Rapper Sarah Sordid is co-writer of the bands lyrics and appears at live concerts. On drums and keys are two best friends and pure Brazilian sunshine – Lucas Worisch and Marlon Silveira. Sometimes mistaken for the “Camera Man” is the final key band member, Michal Zak. Zak is creative director and is in charge of everything visual. He transforms the band’s music into visual art in the forms of music videos and visuals for live performances.

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