Following the premiere of the phenomenal opening track “Spectral Tease”, and “Gopik”, cold wave maestro Mareux has graced us with the full Predestiny EP upon its release.

The EP’ 5 tracks are deeply seductive, entreating the listener to dance to the captivating and hypnotic rhythms, seldom retreading the same ground continuing dynamic melodic variance led by the fantastic introductory track.

Regarding creating the EP, Mareux explains:

“The songs I enjoy writing most are those which have very clear references to my own chaotic emotions and experiences. Like the tumultuous hookup I had on the floor of a friends living room or the Russian fans I met online, one of which sent me pictures of their knives. Every song on this EP is very personal to me and I think that’s what has always connected me to my audience. Somewhere along the line, between releasing my first EP to writing this one, the individuality of my music was lost and I no longer felt like making music anymore. Then a series of good things happened to me last year and it sparked a resurgence of spirit and drive. This is how the ‘Predestiny’ EP was made.”

The Predestiny EP is out now via the newly minted Los Angeles based label, I HEARD IT IN PARIS.

Listen to the entire EP below:

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