Berlin-based post-punk duo Her Absence Fill the World have announced the first single off their second EP, both called Neon Arabesque. The full release will be available on Detriti Records on the 15th of May via cassette.

Her Absence Fill The World makes music that sounds simultaneously lost and chased. Inspired by their individual backgrounds in classical violin and techno, spanning Ankara to Berlin, their style blends together with a dark, melodic sound defined by a strongly reduced harmonic structure, a hovering voice, and synth leads. 

“Neon Arabesque” challenges the set borders of time, space, and musical genres. From Turkish poetry to Neue Deutsche Welle and synth-punk, Neon Arabesque consolidates the experience of disappearance.

“It shows the newborn identities rooted in the disappearances of cultural consciousness and voices through neoliberalism in different geographies, namely Gazino Maksim of  Istanbul and East Berlin,” they clarify, adding that this approach to their soundscapes melts sadness, euphoria, a sense of nostalgia, melancholy, and rebellion.

The track was mastered by 81 Mastering. The rest of the EP will be released by Detriti Records in mid-May. You can hear the song on Spotify hereWhile the A-side of the cassette includes the original trilogy of “Neon Arabesque”, the B-side contains two songs stressing the complex nature of repetitive patterns and painful behaviors.  

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Photos: Emrah Özdemir

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