Multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer Stefano Santi has been active since the early 2000s, but is a new face to the Veyl Records label with his new project, NEVER.

NEVER began in his own SPVN studio during the pandemic. After several years of working as an audio engineer and touring the globe with bands, his alter-ego as a producer with a club affinity took over during isolation.  This sparked new inspiration and a desire to experiment.

The result is JXDY, showcasing the project’s diverse voice and technical prowess. Not confined to a particular genre, the release masterfully touches on everything from post-punk and shoegaze to hints of death rock and electronica.

The opening strings of “RXBT” takes the listener into a world of shadows and bleeding emotion, conjuring both nostalgia and an ominous sense of future. There is a Lynchian cinematic quality to the song, bringing to mind dark internal struggle and a need for expansion from the confines of the soul.

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