You slept the night dreamlessly
And woke to find a different me

Boston Post-Punk Trio House of Harm return with the video for their brand new single “Feel My Heart”. The song is the band’s first new track since the release of 2020’s Vicious Pastimes, one of’s choices for best albums that year, that has sold out several times over.

“Feel My Heart” is a soaring dose of cold adrenaline, with sweeping guitars and percolating synths, the song whirls with heartfelt emotion led by the ardent vocals of Michael Rocheford.

On the song, the band explains:

“Feel My Heart Beat is about the overcorrection the body makes following an experience of regret and shame. You turn the wheel in a sudden hypnic jerk where you weren’t actually falling but tried to catch yourself anyway.”

Regarding the captivating video accompanying the single, the band adds:

“Having a visual component to our music is obviously important to us. It all helps tell a part of the story we can’t normally translate through music and Caroline Bailey is great at taking the vagaries we spew at her and making them work on screen somehow.

We’ve learned to make sure every second of filming is thought out before we show up because we try to make every shoot as intense as possible.

Since we decided to shoot Feel My Heart Beat almost chronologically over the span of a few hours, you can see how much the entire process took out of us by the looks on our faces in the final shot.”

Watch the video for “Feel My Heart” below:

House Of Harm new single “Feel My Heart Beat” introduces the band’s debut album Vicious Pastimes’ fourth pressing on crystal clear vinyl LP and the very first CD edition. Both are out on the 5th of April 2022.

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