Archangels Thunderbird have joined their creative forces with musician Andrés Ruiz for the mesmerizing “Serpentine”. This gorgeous, deeply poetic synth track meditation explores the addictive nature of love, and the celebration of intimacy that humans have come to crave both as a biological need and societal stalwart.

Snakes have a worldwide cultural demarcation for being messengers between the material and spiritual realm, each soul possessing its own kundalini, or soul’s nature, in wrapped communion with the objects of our desires. Likewise, the stone serpentine opens new pathways for Kundalini, the retrieval of wisdom, and helping to regain memory of past lives.

The video is a beautiful dream illustrating this concept, written and directed by Lilian Void, and filmed by Carter Ross. The project is “inspired by quests for cosmic truth, they attempt to reflect the divine back to humanity, so that we may all understand our universe and each other better.”

Watch the video for “Serpentine” below:

Multi-intstrumentalist Lilian Void, who directed the video, has taken the music of Archangels Thunderbird into the realm of collaborative production, opting to express the project’s sound and vision chiefly through music videos and with co-creation at its center.

After 30 years of playing various styles of music, this is their first real solo project. Archangels Thunderbird has an ambitious plan to release ten music videos through their collaboration with Void, called The One True Right Way To Live. These ten narrative collaborative audi0-visual experiences will take their inspiration from the special kind of alchemy that occurs between human interaction.

Listen below:

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