Italian Deathrock heroes Horror Vacui are back with their fourth studio album Living For Nothing, a record that is the eagerly anticipated follow up to the band’s previous outing, New Wave of Fear, which was released via Sabotage Records back in 2018.

This new collection of eight songs released in March of 2020 finally sees its first music video with the clip for “My Funeral My Party”, a stop-motion animation affair that stylistically evokes the macabre visual soul of artists such as the Brothers Quay, while clay figures emerge from portraits upon a brocade wall.

The song “My Funeral My Party”, carries all of Horror Vacui’s anarcho-punk meets goth trademarks, with icy-scythe like guitar hailstorms,  driven forward with basslines that beat like a pulse that quickens before flatlining. But with the new album, these defining sonic elements are honed to razor-sharp clarity in both melody and song composition.

Nature abhors a vacuum, but in the memento mori that is “My Funeral My Party” space is given to Koppa’s vocals and lyrics letting them both bellow and breathe genuine sorrow and celebration in mourning the loss of a friend.

Horror Vacui

Regarding the song and video, Horror Vacui further elaborate:

“Composed after the passing of a good friend, and inspired by his both touching and energetic funeral where people from everywhere gathered bearing vivid memories, the song celebrates the tension of life in its struggle for existence, the right to find peace in  Death, and a fight for empowerment that is most of the time helpless.

This struggle is represented in the stop-motion scarlet world pictured in the stop-motion video, realised by Alina, Tuby and Jey, and where a few subjects, doomed in their lives, try with every effort to change, move on, improve their existence, but fate leads all their attempts towards failure. Will their submission to misery finally set them free? Will they all remain the same? Will they find the way towards their graves? Life can be a bittersweet journey, and despite leaving this world by choice or by surprise, we must make sure it’s gonna be our party.”

Watch the video for “My Funeral My Party” below:

With Living for Nothing, Horror Vacui indeed put the punk back in Goth. The album is out now via Agipunk Records.

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