Bristol UK’s noise-punk duo Polemics are set to issue debut EP Conflict later this Friday, and ahead of the release is the EP’s blistering title track. The song takes its cues from the more energetic work from post-punk legends Wire, while bordering on the more frenetic pop work of Blur infused with hardcore elements.

Watch the video below:


Polemics are Nathan Smith and Jeff Ingle, school friends whose DIY ethic stretches to nights in a borrowed studio and bedroom recorded vocals.,

For the EP, Polemics entered Paradise Studios and utilized the skills of Jim Macrae to capture their live energy and imbue the music a Lynch-esque sentiment that runs a current through their sound, vision, and self-produced accompanying video.

The CONFLICT EP will be released in 2 formats, with the first as a Limited Edition back-to-the-future cassette editions via Bandcamp and the band’s website. There will also be very limited bundles of the Cassette with a vintage Walkman/Cassette player!

The EP will be released digitally on the 17th of July and be available on all streaming platforms.

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