Cleveland’s Afro-Dakwave artist Nate Eberhardt, aka NATURE, has unveiled his video for “All In Time”, a rhythmic foray intro infectious synth-infused melodies, underlaid with a driving bass line, and haunting vocals that evoke the best work of electronic cold wave artists of the 80s

The project was inspired by finding one’s inner voice, and this introspection is evident in the fever dream that is “All In Time”.

“All in Time” was one of the last songs I wrote on VOIX”, says Eberhardt, who continues:

“I felt it expressed the best introduction to Nature. My goal with the album was to bring the listeners to a familiar place, with All In Time marks the introduction to that familiar place.”

This music video was shot by Nat Cherry in Queens, New York City. We set out to capture Nature’s ghostly essence and give the world an introduction to the music. With Nat Cherry being one of the most talented videographers based out of Cleveland, I knew we could get it done.” 

Watch below:

“The outro song you hear at the end of the video is called “The Monument” bonus track on VOIX.” adds Eberhardt.

VOIX was inspired by W.E.B. Du Bois’ idea of “Double Consciousness” and finding one’s inner voice. These ideas come out fluently in the lyrics, drum patterns and synth composition on the VOIX. The debut of NATURE is only the beginning of Eberhardt’s journey into electronic music and leaves the listener in anticipation.

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