Italian post-punk project Chemical Waves has unveiled the spellbinding Video for “Denied”, a song highlighted on On Even When We Fall Apart, and featuring Estonian vocalist Kadri Samil aka Bedless Bones.

Both song and video are veiled in ethereal celluloid, driven with an icy spine of frenetic bass and frosty guitars, that evelope the normally electronic music-driven musician Samil’s voice in a haunted dreamscape.

Watch the video below:

On Even When We Fall Apart, the breathtaking debut album by Chemical Waves, the artwork is a  loving tribute to the work graphic designer Vaughan Oliver of 4AD.

Additionally on the album, Chemical Waves’ Marco Cattani worked with the vocalists from Antiflvx, L’Avenir, Closed Mouth, Egoprism, HIV +, Virgin Tears and RjVj.

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