Australia’s Nite Fields is ready to birth its new album, A Voyeur Makes No Mark. First up from this promising sound is the stellar, vibey single Not Your Time. There is an eerie familiarity to the song, with elements that hearken back to the rich atmospheric sound of the mid-80s Manchester sound, but with the fuzzy, repetitive drone of late-90s Dandy Warhols and a few little winks to the guitar stylings of the late Andy Gill.

After the release of the widely-acclaimed album Depersonalisation, principal songwriter Danny Venzin moved from Brisbane to Moscow, as the band morphed into a solo project.

Not Your Time ventures almost into a futuristic medieval chant, with synth sounds rarely heard (and even lesser-played) in the Western hemisphere. Principal songwriter Danny Venzin found inspiration in his new surroundings in Russia by incorporating local recording equipment, resulting in a stark, yet richly atmospheric sound.

“The synths are all old Soviet machines that western musicians don’t use much – a Maestro and Polivoks. Anya Kuts (Love Cult) is singing backing vocals, recorded in an old Moscow factory with her singing through a megaphone,” says Venzin.

Not Your Time sets the scene of a living and breathing pulse within a distant, unknown city. Nightstalking, double-tracked drum machine rhythms, and a swirling, modulated drone re-treaded from an old Maestro synthesizer frame Venzin’s deadpan, yet sharply elegant vocal delivery. It’s very catchy, psychedelic shoegaze, something to mellow out to after a long day at work…in the Blade Runner universe.

Nite Fields formed in 2010 by Venzin and Chris Campion, with a rotating cast of touring band members. “It’s hard to make any career out of music in Australia, so it exceeded our expectations to be offered to tour in Asia, Europe, and America,” Venzin muses.

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A Voyeur Makes No Mark will be available digitally and physically via Lost Race (vinyl) and Perfect Aesthetics (cassette) in April 2020.

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