When quarantine struck Troy, NY, three neighbours, Nico Jordan, Max Wolff and Amanda Harris, made use of their time by writing and recording new songs. Collectively known as Violet Ones, the band’s moody, dreamy sound revolves around melodic guitars, cutting synths, and haunting vocals.

There are easy comparisons to Pixies (indeed, the entire track feels like a Frank Black/Black Francis energy sphere), Breeders, Rowland S. Howard and Roxy Music with their luscious key changes, slightly menacing whispers, and enveloping percussion, pushing their music into a glorious kaleidoscopic soundscape. A perfect song for night driving, or vibing at a countryside bonfire party.

 The self-directed video beautifully illustrates their classic sound, a series of floral overlay projections dreamily passing over the band. It’s a work of art.

Watch the video for “Bi-Valves” below:

A self-released single “Bi-valves” (w/ Neon Angel) is the first single from Violet Ones in a series of limited 7” lathe cut records, available on their Bandcamp page. You can order here:

Stream Violet Ones on Spotify below:

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