NYC electronic music artist Zachery Allan Starkey aka ZGRT ias premiering with us today the video for his fourth single GAME OVER.

Composed and performed by Starkey, GAME OVER also features ambient synth work from Amy Godsey and bass guitar from ZGRT’s live bassist, Frank Piccirillo.

Starkey had this to say about the origin of the song:

“I wrote GAME OVER about the countless rich kids I see who move to New York City with very unrealistic ideas about becoming some sort of superstar in their chosen fields. The becoming darlings of New York nightlife and clubland, but they also become heavy drug users. Eventually their parents cut them off financially, their dreams don’t work out, and because they are usually unable to work and sort of normal job due to their total lack of real world experience, they end resorting to doing all sorts of dodgy things to afford their lifestyle. Eventually they are abandoned by their friends and end up totally bottoming out. The city chews them up and spits them out. This is a cycle that I see happen every 3 or four years.”

Watch the video below:

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