Portland radio show Songs From Under The Floorboard is premiering with us today Berlin Gothic Rock band the Golden Apes’ track Voykova (The Healing), off of Vol 1. of DJ Dave Cantrell’s compendium of rare and unreleased cuts from ten US and European bands.

Songs From Under The Floorboard vol 1 promises to be the first in what is anticipated to be a yearly series benefiting LBGTQ and fem-oriented service organizations, with this first release’s residual profits being directed towards Planned Parenthood.

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The compilation will be out on April 6th via Accident Prone Records, just in time for Portland’s Out From The Shadows Festivala darkwave and post punk festival which is also organized by Cantrell.

Out Of The Shadows Festival Lineup:

Thurs April 5:

  • DIE ROBOT(Portland) 
  • NAKED LIGHTS (Oakland)
  • DEATHCHARGE (Portland)
  • RITUAL VEIL (Portland)
  • THE WHEAL (Paris)
  • ESSES (Oakland)
  • OVER (Portland)
  • VIBRISSAE (Portland)

Fri April 6:

  • BLOODY KNIVES (Austin)
  • ACTORS (Vancouver BC)
  • BOOTBLACKS (Brooklyn)
  • TEARFUL MOON (Houston)
  • VOIGHT (Denver)
  • SICK WISH (Boise)
  • WIRE SPINE (Vancouver BC)
  • HEXHEART (Seattle)

Sat April 7:

  • ASTARI NITE (Miami)
  • AZAR SWAN (NYC / New Orleans)
  • ARCTIC FLOWERS (Portland)
  • ANNEX (McAllen TX)
  • WINGTIPS (Chicago)
  • CREUX LIES (Sacramento)
  • DANCING PLAGUE (Spokane)


Songs From Under the Floorboard Track List:

Side A

  1. Shadow Age – Youth
  2. Annex – Modern Age
  3. Perralobo – Suelo de Cristal
  4. Ötzi – Zebra Cruiser
  5. Vice Device – Litanies & Lies

Side B

  1. Golden Apes – Voykova (The Healing)
  2. Ghost Noise – We Are Not Lovers
  3. Sculpture Club – Not Impressed
  4. Bernays Propaganda feat. Mike Watt – Nisto Nema da ne Razdeli
  5. Forever Grey – Trespasser

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