Martin “Youth” Glover, founding member and bassist of storied postpunk act Killing Joke, recently announced a new remix project involving iconic anarcho-punk group Crass. A preview of Youth’s remix, which is to be released November 26th via One Little Independent Records, is below.

The remix is part of a series entitled “Nothing Never Was” that sees musicians and artists from various backgrounds remixing Crass tracks. Youth’s remix, called “Living Asylum,” is “Nothing Never Was VI.” Previous artists contributing to the project include Paul Jamrozy of Test Dept, Johnny Dynell, and others. Youth’s “Living Asylum” remix features Marc Collin and Beki Mari, and it has a decidedly dub feel.

Although Crass and Killing Joke are very distinct entities, this isn’t the first time Youth has crossed paths with the anarcho-punk juggernaut. Around the time of Killing Joke’s infamous performance at the October 26, 1980 CND Rally in Trafalgar Square, London, which helped inspire the musical direction of anarcho-punk stalwarts like Amebix and others, who were watching in the crowd, Killing played several shows that featured Crass Records artist Honey Bane standing in as Killing Joke guest vocalist. (Youth, in fact, was dating Honey Bane at the time.) Additionally, Youth also contributed bass guitar to Annie Anxiety‘s record, another Crass artist; Annie Anxiety now goes by Little Annie and recently toured with Swans. All money raised from sales of “Living Asylum” will go to the UK domestic violence charity Refuge.

The Youth “Living Asylum” remix of Crass can be ordered here.

Honey Bane singing for Killing Joke in 1980
Honey Bane singing for Killing Joke in 1980.

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