In the world of dreamscape, visions appear out of linear time, sound can be muddled, and images melt into each other. In that spirit, J.R.C.G. (the solo project of Dreamdecay‘s Justin R. Cruz Gallego) unveils “Lowrider,” off their forthcoming debut, Ajo Sunshine (due November 19 via Castle Face).

J.R.C.G. experiments broadly with his sonic palette in this track. It is percussive, hypnotic, and at times even distressing. Acoustic instruments and gleaming walls of synthetic noise are framed by dour and dissonant chord shapes, crackling with overdriven drum mics and nauseating waves of distortion. This is not a track to mellow out to, nor is it exactly driving music – but rather an exercise in sonic exploration.

“Lowrider was directed by PNW filmmaker Matt Shanafelt, one of the first people I met in Tacoma while finishing Ajo Sunshine,” he explains. “Double exposed 16mm, edited in camera, on location, and hand developed. The song’s skeleton is made of drum loops cut randomly from a separate drums-only jam and later blessed with guitar additions by John Dwyer searing the center and end of the track.”

The video is a montage of the “dream version” of a complete landscape. Watch below:

Ajo Sunshine incorporates field recordings captured from rodeos off Ajo Way, a stretch of highway out of Tucson Arizona. “It’s homage that plays out like a collage, a dream switching from station to station, a series of dedications broadcast on late-night radio,’ he says.

J.R.C.G. will be performing live on a West Coast run this November, with the Dreamdecay Music Group as their live band. This run includes their record release show at The Echo in LA on November 6.

Ajo Sunshine is set for release on November 19th via Castle Face.

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  • 11/4 Reno – Holland Project
  • 11/5 Oakland – Elbo Room
  • 11/6 Los Angeles – The Echo (*Record Release Show*)
  • 11/8 Phoenix – The Nile (Basement)
  • 11/ 11 Portland – Bunk Bar w/ The Body
  • 11/12 Seattle – The Clockout
  • 11/14 Victoria, BC – Quadratic Sound

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