Watch the trailer for the new documentary “The Public Image is Rotten”, a film which chronicles the influence and impact of John Lydon’s Public Image Ltd—the seminal post-punk band he formed after the Sex Pistols dissolved.

The film is helmed by first time director Tabbert Fiiller featuring interviews and commentary with John Lydon, and  an assortment of other musicians, alongside archival footage.

“I didn’t want to have a bunch of famous musicians telling how much they’re influenced by PiL; that would’ve been a long list, so I narrowed it down to people that have been influenced by PiL but also have had a connection to PiL and had stories to tell,” said Fiiller in a statement. “I also wanted a variety of musicians that would show how PiL’s influence has carried over into many types of music.”

Following its previous run at film festivals, The 108 min documentary  is finally showing in theaters in the U.K. and Europe this summer, with  North American screenings set for  this fall.

Watch the trailer below:

For screening details, the band have registered

Alongside the new documentary, an extensive 7 disc or 6LP new PiL box set, The Public Image is Rotten (Songs From the Heart), which is due out later this month.

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