Colorado post-rock shoegazers A Shoreline Dream are streaming with us today their entire Waitout EP to celebrate it’s release this week.

The 5 tracks are a psychedelic reverie, sonically lush in jazzy shoegaze that evokes the core influences of Ride and Slowdive, yet distinctly evoking the epoch in music evoked in the daydreams of the early 2000s, save for track number five “Projections”, which is post-punk in such a vein that we suspect that band leader Ryan Policky is a fan of Dif Juz.

“A Shoreline Dream is something I dedicated myself to since we started back in 2005, and to see that it is still evolving and happening makes me eager to see what tomorrow brings. The fact we have basically re-formed as the initial band we started as brings a new spin to it all. To see how we have all personally evolved is really bringing a new dimension to our sound, and I know we’re all excited to see how the full album will emerge.”

Listen to the Waitout EP below:

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