To use the word “powerful” to describe Ghost Cop’s newest video for their song, “Softer Than Spoken,” would be too much of an understatement. Here, the New York City duo of Lucy Swope and Sean Dack combine the evocative color sensibility of Giallo films with the voyeurism of Brian De Palma’s 1984 film Body Double, which makes for an intoxicating combination of vivid visuals.

“In the video for ‘Softer Than Spoken,’ a mysterious femme fatale lies in wait, watching a woman who looks suspiciously like her double as she unknowingly falls into her trap,” says Ghost Cop. “It’s been a challenging but rewarding experience shooting videos during the pandemic, to see what stories we can tell with strict limitations, in this case, a single room and a single person. The result is part of our continued exploration into genre aesthetics, with elements of De Palma, Lynch, and Hitchcock.” And their influences are shown in the cinematic lighting, the tension that builds parallel to the music, and with the expressive camera shots. Watch below:

While their album, End Credits, was released in October of last year, Ghost Cop decided to create a video for “Softer Than Spoken” because of the overwhelming response the song received. Its strong, prominent kick underneath the EBM-tinged bassline blends with the romance of Swope’s vocals and the force of swelling synths. Both equipped for the dancefloor and for moments of solitude,  “Softer Than Spoken” is ripe with thrills.

End Credits made our “Best of 2020” list—pick the album up below in case you’ve slept on it:

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