Melding futurist longing with dusty nostalgia, NYC musician Sylvan Paul creates music that transcends genres and generations alike. 

His latest release, Some of That (Live At The Locker Room), showcases a musician equally at home with Kraftwerkian electronic precision as he is with the sultry guitar licks of 1960s surf rock. Punctuated by his renegade-tinged baritone, the track is at once psychedelic, and immediate, and catchy. Bringing to mind Chris Isaak, Dirty Beaches,  Donny Benet, and Suicide, the Oliver Shahery-directed video succinctly illustrates Paul’s live chops onstage.

Watch Sylvan Paul’s haunting Alan Vega-like performance of his 2021 single, “Some Of That,” live at The Locker Room below:

In his hometown of NYC, Paul’s live act has been making ripples in the underground. The filmed performance of ‘Some Of That”  demonstrates his talents and gives us a glimpse at his diverse creativity.

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