A prolific band in the new wave of Russian post-punk,  Novosibirsk’s Ploho have already recorded 2 albums, several EPs, and more than 10 singles during their several years of existence, which they have supported by touring more than 30 cities in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Their music combines early post-punk, new wave and Russian rock circa late 1980s-early 1990s, with a somber, cold, and introspective lo-fi sound that has dark yet danceable energy reminiscent of classic coldwave bands and Leeds Gothic Rock.

Ploho recently were filmed to be part of a movie called Izaokas based on the story Isaac by Lithuanian author Antanas Škėma:

We were in Vilnius (Lithuania), where we took part in filming Isaac, a movie directed by Yurgis Matulyavichus. We have also played a gig at the club called Yucatan Extensión. Wonderful country, wonderful people. The movie will be presented at Berlinale Festival in February and it will be in theatres in Spring (we think).-Ploho

Watch their video for  the track Город устал (The city is tired) off of their LP Bumazhnie Bomby below.

“We won’t get any younger than we are today
We won’t get any younger than we are right now”

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