Paris’ La Secte Du Futur are about to blow you away with their fantastic third LP ‘Wounded Princes’.  The album radiates with a melange of warm reverb, jangly guitars, and vocals whose choral effects carry the music to anthemic heights that illicit some of the tracks from this French garage band to comparison with cold-wave luminaries such as Little NemoAsylum Party, and Mary Goes Round.

Watch the video for the album’s first single First Men On The Moon below.

“Wounded Princes” is La Secte Du Futur’s 3rd album—ending a trilogy started in 2012 with their self titled debut, followed by “Greetings From Youth” in 2014.

The album is set to be released in March 2018 via Third Coming Records.


  1. Les Saints De Glace (Digital Only)
  2. Reset All Memories
  3. First Men On The Moon
  4. Le Chaos Des Esprits
  5. Rise And Fall Of The Ottoman Empire
  6. Checkmate From The Sky
  7. Anthem For Fire
  8. Heart Pioneers
  9. Sons Of Proteus
  10. Noire Mélopée
  11. Hundreds Songs Of Love

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