Following the release of Morrissey’s recent statement regarding his interview with local Berlin music journalist Juliane Liebert for German magazine Der Spiegel, where he had stated that the transcription and article misrepresented his views and statements regarding multiculturalism, borders, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, and more.

In Morrissey’s facebook post above, the former Smiths singer said he was denied his request “for an unchopped, un-fiddled-with audio of their interview.

In response to this Der Spiegel has now posted the full audio of the 43 minute interview where the interview appears to be represented “verbatim” as stated by Juliane Liebert.

The interview was conducted on November 15th, after Liebert quickly flew from Berlin to Los Angeles to sit down with the contentious Mancunian singer for an in person interview in promotion of his 11th studio album Low In High School.

The magazine has assured it’s readers that from their “point of view” that “interviews published in SPIEGEL do not contain false or misleading citations”:

You can judge for yourself by listening to the entire Der Spiegel interview with Morrissey here.


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