Following the announcement of The Cure’s “40 imaginary years” concert on Saturday July 7th 2018 at BST Hyde Park, London, longtime Cure collaborator and music video director Tim Pope stopped being coy and finally let the lovecat out of the 50 boxes regarding his 2018 plans with Robert Smith.

The boxes contain films, photographs, memorabilia—and Pope tweeted this morning that he will make use of these items while “collaborating with Robert on a feature-length, chronological documentary of The Cure’s history from the 1970s via present day to the future”.

In Between Days video shoot

In the next tweet, Pope then went on to say:

On set for Lullaby


Pope has been collaborating with The Cure since 1982’s video for Let’s Go To Bed, going to to film videos like Lullaby, In Between Days, Just Like Heaven, Lovesong, and more, as well as filming the band’s 1986 concert film In Orange.

More details on The Cure documentary to follow.

In the meantime watch a charming interview  with Robert Smith and Night Network host Paul Thompson.

The theme of the interview was the Tim Pope era Cure music videos, where the filming of each video starting with Love Cats was discussed—among other topics such as: social drinking, cutting his hair, his future wife Mary, and Betty Boop t-shirts. All of this while wearing Simon’s shirt and dirty high top white sneakers—his backcombed hair and smeared lipstick at their absolute peak of perfection.

and The making of The Cure’s ‘Just Like Heaven’ music video

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