Afraid of something real
Afraid to hide

Kontravoid’s newest song, “Maskerade (feat. S.L.U.T.),” the second single off the mini-album, Faceless, is haunting. Once again proving his ability to inject intense emotion into his particular blend of dark pop, the Canadian-born Cameron Findlay returns to his beginnings: the tragic melancholy songwriting found within his self-titled LP from 2012. The song. with its EBM-tinged basslines and prominent beat, carries a toughness and raw emotion only assuaged by the soft purity of its melody and overlaid guest vocals by S.L.U.T. (Alessandra Genovese). There is a longing that is felt within “Maskerade,”  an impression of a moment gone by.

The song’s music video, directed by Boy Harsher’s Jae Matthews, retains the mood of “Maskerade” with its chilly darkness. Inspired by the famous Stratus Dance Club videos from the mid-1980s, Matthews adds a sensuality to the song—there is no looking away as it captures dancers hypnotized by the music, lost in the ecstasy of its thrall and the possibility the night brings.

Watch below:

Faceless is out today, October 15th, via Kontravoid’s Bandcamp on digital and vinyl.

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