A new decade, a new ‘void. After his last full-length LP, Too Deep, on Fleisch in 2019, Kontravoid’s new album, Faceless, is a new chapter for the Canadian-born Cameron Findlay. It toes the line between goth and, dare-we-say-it, rave elements—both a natural progression from his music that ranges from melancholic synthpop to course-edged EBM. This—alongside the visual impact he has employed with his masked persona—has been why he’s one of the scene’s most treasured artists ever since his first self-titled album from 2012 (which cracked the top 10 in our ‘Best of the Decade’ list).

But here, in 2021, the next path beyond the mask exists behind the face.

Jess Garten

“Faceless,” the first single from the new album, relays the next iteration of Kontravoid’s genius. It is flush with the melodic synthesized emotion we’ve come to know from his music, that alchemic balance of hope and sadness. Alternatively, the music video depicts a nihilistic view of our present reality littered with phones, laptops, and usb chargers—items that have become irreplaceable appendages to our everyday lives. With animations by Alec Mackenzie, it relays the subtle satire found within Kontravoid’s oeuvre: images of uncanny body horror… but only just so.

Watch the “Faceless” video below:

Faceless is out on October 15th digitally and on CD. A Bandcamp vinyl fund-raising campaign will start on the release date—it will be pressed only if the funding goal is achieved.

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Kontravoid live dates:
10/07 – Philly at Cambridge Hall
10/08 – NYC at Saint Vitus
10/22 – San Diego at Casbah
10/23 – LA at Catch One
11/06 – Denver at Hi-Dive

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