GR^VE (pronounced ‘grave’) is a newly formed duo comprised of Seraph on vocals, and music by Carbon. The pair have come together by what they described as a mutual understanding of our common mortality. Their mission statement is to provide a necessary soundtrack to all who listen to their upcoming multimedia releases of video art and streamable music in a single format.

The pair explain:

“If you ask us what is GR^VE, we’d say that it’s the manifestation of our collective existential dread. It is driven by the emotionality of self-expression that we both have cultivated over the years and wanted an outlet that puts the music above image and vanity. Why we have chosen to adopt our masks as Carbon and Seraph. People’s expectations can be clouded when they assume things about you from what artists present physically. So we present the art, not the self.”

Seraph continues:

“Our goal for 2020 is to connect with an audience through releasing these short films and singles for streaming, which we will release at least every other month. If all goes well, these will be the genesis of an LP we’d love to be able to press to vinyl ourselves.”

Carbon Adds:

“This approach is geared to help us reach fans and establish a multimedia presence here in the ether”

Watch the video for “Resign Your Fate” below:

“Resign Your Fate” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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