London-based romantically infused bedroom pop project M!R!M, the creative vehicle for the devilishly handsome Jack Milwaukee, has debuted its third single from the forthcoming new album The Visionary with the brilliantly and beguiling “Testament”, a song with traces of Peter Gabriel, and John Foxx that lingers in the hazy memory of the waking hour like the slumbered eyes of a synth-wave dream.

It’s a beautiful love song about friendship to lead into the weeks before Valentine’s day—but even so, the song is more Agape than Eros, as Milwaukee explains:

‘’Although the heavy bass groove makes the song particularly dancey and upbeat, the lyrics are moody, nostalgic and dreamy; they are about the strong friendship between a man and a woman,” he adds. “It’s a statement of love, not a carnal love, but a ‘love’ you can feel also for a family member or a special one.

“‘Testament’ is one of the last songs I wrote for the album and one of those I wrote entirely in one day.”

Watch the video for “Testament” below:

With The Visionary, Milwaukee stays true to his DIY bedroom pop ethos, with nearly everything you hear on the album recorded in his bedroom in east London.

Catch these lamplit dreamscapes when The Visionary is released on January 31st, 2020, via Avant! Records.

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