Some of you into Christian Death and Specimen may recognize Media Blitz, a cable access television program from the Los Angeles area—mostly active around the mid 80’s. On October 1tth and 12th of 1984 at the Music Machine during the only Tones on Tail tour—Media Blitz filmed concert footage and an interview backstage at one of the gigs. Note that Daniel Ash has to introduce Glenn Campling and Kevin Haskins at the start of the interview which sets up a bit of an arrogant and annoyed tone for the rest of the conversation.

These days Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins are often found djing together in the LA area, and now that Glenn Campling is in better health, one can only hope that Tones on Tail will reunite and do a second tour in 2017…

Concert setlist (only a few short clips are featured in the interview):
1, War
2, Performance
3, Burning Skies
4, Lions
5, Heartbreak Hotel
6, Movement of Fear
7, Happiness
8, Christian Says
9, Slice of Life – Tones On Tail version
10, Go!

*Apologies for the poor video quality. Also, does anyone else think that in the footage the band looks like this…?

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