In 1988 on The Super Sonic Super Channel, an awkward albeit charming interview occurred in promotion of The Sisters of Mercy’s second album Floodland. The cable tv interview features a bearded Andrew Eldritch, and an uber-goth Patricia Morrison—the latter of which seemingly wearing black underwear. Yes indeed, the host actually asks what kind of underwear Andy and Patricia are wearing, along with asking what the two musicians would take into a bunker during a nuclear holocaust—with Mr. Eldritch suggesting he would take Joanna Lumley (pre-Absolutely Fabulous), if she were available.

The interview opens with a jab being taken at Wayne Hussey’s theft of Andy’s hat and “cartoon plagiarism” of The Sisters of Mercy through The Mission—and ends with a cheeky use of a cue card when asked about touring.

Speaking of cheeky cue card usage—it really is a shame that This Corrosion was not used in Wayne’s World.

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